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When we as a TEAM first set out to make our living on the Internet we set

​down some goals that our new Marketing System must achieve rapidly.

The biggest of those goals is that our new Marketing System must have a

positive cash flow from the very first month.

After all the reason that we were starting our Marketing System was to

create at first an extra stream of income that would allow our TEAM to

have the cash flow that we all need to both provide a living for us

and our families, and also to create the cash that we needed to invest

to implement our Wealth and Financial Freedom From Home Plan.

While we realized that we would be required to invest some cash to get

started. The big fact looming over us was that most of us had very little

cash to invest. We decided that it was very important that any investment

we made must be able to generate sufficient income within the first month

that we would be at a break even point or profitable and able to replace

any cash that we had invested.

The research began:

We started researching various programs looking for those that would fill

our requirements and needs. We finally settled on 2 online programs that

we felt would enable our TEAM to be operating at a net cost of zero or
even at a small profit after the first month of operation.

Our second biggest goal was to be able to work our new online

businesses and spend only a very minimum amount of time each day

which would give our TEAM the Freedom that would go along with our

plan for Wealth and Freedom from Home.

After spending a minimum amount of cash and time we were ready to put

our new Marketing System plan into action.

The Initial Cost:

As I stated earlier we had decided on 2 on-line programs that would

require a minimum amount of start up investment, and a minimum of

setup and daily operating time to make them work profitably.

The First program

We chose was a program that would fill our requirements and needs and

also provide advertising and exposure for our new online venture.

We decided that $50 would be the initial investment point for this

program. Our plan here was to run this business until we were able to

recover our original $50 investment and then to grow the business by

reinvesting profits every time we were paid. Our plan is to put 70% of our

income into a reinvestment fund and 30% into a cash fund which we

withdraw to our individual bank accounts.

Since this program pays commissions daily and monthly it did not take

long to become profitable in this program that also provides Tools for

Advertising and exposure.

Get more information by contacting the person that refered you to
​The Winning Team.

For program number two

We were looking for a program that would both provide us with a

profitable income quickly as well as provide some of the Marketing and

communications tools we would need to effectively market our

new on line business.

What we decided on was a program that provided many of the marketing

and communications tools that we needed to create a presence and

exposure on the Internet.

This turned out to be a very useful as well as profitable program. Our

investment cost is only $10 per month and once set up, which was very

simple to do, it required virtually no time to run. This program paid a 10%

commision on everyone that joins us in this business through 5 levels of


Because the number worked very well with the other program we

have selected we decided that It would only require us to each refer only

6 people to this program personally and then teach those 6 to duplicate

what we are doing.

By doing this we are able to create a very teachable and duplicatable

$9K to $10K per month income which allows us to operate our on-line

businesses at a very profitable level with a zero net cost each month.

​Get more information by contacting the person that refered you to
​The Winning Team.

​Your Total Cost And Commitment:

Your total start up out of pocket commitment for program one is $49.95. This

should be recovered with in the first month. You can get started in program 2 with our 7 day free trial offer then at the end of that week pay only $10 per month.

Your total residual monthly commitment is $19.95 you will also be well in the profit mode

by the end of your first month.

Please note due to the fact that we cannot control or predict the amount of commitment

or work ethics you and or the people on your team bring to your business we can not

guarantee exactly just how much you and your team will earn. We can promise that if

you and your team will follow the guidelines that we will give you and if you take full

advantage of the system that we will teach you then you and your team will achieve true

Wealth and Freedom.

Because we are looking for people with specific traits and drive

please call the person that has referred you to The Winning Team via

phone or SKYPE and talk before you make any decision to join our

program or not, and together we will decide if you are the type of

person we are looking for and if you qualify.

Get more information by contacting the person that refered

you to ​The Winning Team.

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